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Disgraceful Rangers Performance Doesn’t Result in Promotion

The Rangers put on a shocking display of bad behaviour last Sunday when substitute Bilel Mohsni launched a scrap on the field after the team lost 3-0 to Motherwell.

The match was Ranger’s opportunity to move out of the second tier, but the loss added to the 6-1 aggregate by which Motherwell beat them thanks to goals from Marvin Johnson, Lionel Ainsworth and John Sutton.

This puts an end to the team’s chances for starting the campaign for Europe in 2016.

The problem started at the end of the match when Mohsni refused to shake hands with striker Lee Erwin who promptly reacted by pushing him.

This turned into a full-fledged brawl with punches and kicks thrown around. The crowd at Fir Park, ecstatic that Motherwell was able to retain its position in the Scottish Premiership, didn’t need too much provocation to join the free-for-all and there was a pitch invasion.

The disgraceful event was showed live on television and not surprisingly, it set social media abuzz.

The problem could have been worse if it wasn’t for the fact that many Rangers supporters in the audience had already left the stadium when it had become evident that their team would lose.

Even so, the Rangers fans who were present showed admirable restraint by staying out of the mess happening on the pitch.

Referee, Craig Thomson, was quick to punish Mohsni, Erwin and Fraser Kerr, a sub from Motherwell by showing them red cards.

There will be a police inquest into the incident that thankfully was prevented from taking an uglier turn.

Even so, the sight of police horses on the football ground has been deeply shameful.

Motherwell manager, Ian Baraclough is especially upset that the unfortunate incident has overshadowed the fact that his team put together a stupendous performance to get the much desired entry in the Scottish Premiership, especially since most people expected the Rangers to beat them.

It has been a very tough time for Motherwell and especially for Baraclough who has been under a great deal of pressure to see his team through to the Premiership even though most people had written off the team.

This performance has definitely silenced their critics for now, but Baraclough would definitely have preferred it minus the drama.

Motherwell have a busy season ahead and Baraclough will be busy putting a plan in place for it so that they don’t have to battle to stay in the Premiership the next time around.

In addition, there will be the inevitable movements of players in and out of the team. The Englishman enjoys the support of team owner, Les Hutchinson and this definitely goes a long way to making his job easier.

Things are a lot less buoyant at the Rangers.

Being relegated creates a whole lot of problems for the team, including the support staff, and many people are worried about losing their jobs.

This must definitely have been on their minds when they saw the Motherwell team doing a lap of honour.

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