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Finally it was Siobhan Chamberlain’s Turn to Shine as She Stepped in to Replace Karen Bardsley in the Second Half!

Update: An unfortunate own goal by Laura Bassett gave the Japanese women an additional goal!

The goal meant Japan reached the finals of the World Cup with two goals at the end of the semi-final.

It took a long wait of eight years, along with three World Cups for her debut in the competition, but when Siobhan Chamberlain, the Arsenal goalkeeper’s moment arrived finally, it was a very crucial role in the emergency situation of the second-half substitute.

Chamberlian was sent after six minutes into the interval of the quarter-final, against Canada when Karen Bardsley, the goalkeeper of first-choice was suffering from an injury, diagnosed as an eye-allergy, which had to be attended to immediately.

As Bardsley was constantly being monitored well in advance of the semi-final against Japan, Chamberlain was on stand-by to kick-start the game at Edmonton’s Commonwealth stadium.

Formerly from Chelsea, Birmingham City and also from the Bristol Academy, she played there for about three years under the supervision of Mark Sampson. Sampson is an England coach.

Chamberlain stated that they had to keenly watch how Bards was doing, but nevertheless you got to be ready as well.

She also said that that is the reason she was in the quarter-final and this situation would be the same if she was required in the semi-finals too.

The previous Saturday, while they were coming out of the second half, Brads had already hinted to Chamberlain that she is having some problem.

By that time Chamberlain had already warmed up in the half-time because as a goalkeeper anything can happen at any time.

When she was preparing to go on the field, Chamberlain looked relaxed as she said if she rushed or panicked, it won’t be a good place to be in and there is no way the game can start without her.

Although the situation was very tense and filled with pressure, Chamberlain actually enjoyed playing out there. In fact, she saw this situation as an opportunity to excel!

When Chamberlain entered the field, England was winning at 2-1 and they continued even though there were about 54,000 home supporters.

She held the defence beautifully and maintained the score, which led them to the semi-finals for the first time.

If Bardsley is declared fit to participate in the semi-finals, which is against the renowned world champions, she will be allowed to play.

If this happens, this would Chamberlain’s third World Cup with only one appearance as a substitute in her kitty.

As a matter of fact, she has embraced the reality, and even stated that when you’re one of the three goalkeepers in the team, it means you may not get many minutes to shine!

Although, it can be a little disappointing, the best way to beat this is by keeping yourself focused entirely.

Chamberlain was waiting to hear whether her name would be read out for the match against Japan. Even so, she is readying herself to face the competition as Japan is very technical and they have proved themselves over and over again in the match. She looks forward for this challenge.

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