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UEFA fines Russian and Montenegrin Football Association for Misconduct

The UEFA has taken a bold step by fining the football associations of Russia and Montenegrin following the abandonment of a qualifier game for Euro 2016 on Friday. The match saw a fierce rivalry between the two popular football nations, which became very rough in the second half.

It was a brawl that broke out between the support staff and the players of both the teams. This happened after Igor Akinfeev from Russia got struck by a flare.

The FSCH has been fined for hosting a match without playing it in the full house. Both the football associations have been charged for throwing fireworks at the players by the fans. Although no injuries have been reported so far, the UEFA has taken the matter seriously judging by the immediate action it has taken against both the authorities.

Russia, on the other hand, has lodged a complaint against the referee, Deniz Aytekin for abandoning the match. They have further demanded that they should be awarded a victory from a match that was declared unfinished at a score line of 0-0.

Goalkeeper, Akinfeev, got hit on the head by a flare in the opening minute of the match. The group G match at the Gradski Stadion stadium was heading for a disaster from that moment on.

The goalkeeper had to leave the field on a stretcher. Although the referee did his best to sustain discipline in the game, it was one of those days when emotions ran high and the stakes of the game were also at a higher level to take a defeat.

Luckily though, the goalkeeper was discharged from the hospital after a short stay. He received a neck injury and minor burn at the neck area. But the doctors declared that the player had no major injuries and can resume his play after a rest of day or two.

With a hiccup in the beginning, the match had to be postponed for half an hour. When it restarted after the interval, it had to be finally abandoned following the fight after a penalty was saved from the Russian midfielder and a missile was hurled at his fellow team mate Dmitri Kombarov.

With the present scenario in place, Russia and Motenegro are placed at a similar position in the points table with five points in four matches.

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