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A Tale of Two of the Greatest Rivals Football has ever Seen-Italy and England!

Italy vs. England is one of the most popular football encounters that is watched and enjoyed by millions of viewers across the globe.

With 4 world cups and one European win under their belt, Italy is a force to reckon with. England in comparison is an underachiever with only one world cup victory.

Let’s take a look at a few facts of these two superpowers and how they perform on field!

A Constant State of War!

England’s bad management forced them to be out of the FIFA World Cup for three continuous events.

Out of these three, Italy got a little advantage and was able to emerge victorious in at least two of them. This did not stop England from claiming that they were still the best in the game and given a chance they would have won the at least once out of the three world cups they missed.

The two teams eventually met in the year 1934. That being said, the two teams had already met a year ago in 1933 and with so much pride and self ego that there were several things at stake.

But the game ended in a draw. It goes without mentioning that the game in 1934 was a high voltage match!

Italy got a Shock of their Life!

With so much to play for, Italians were bewildered by the agility of the English and were found all over the place. Luis Monti- Italy’s influential mid fielder found himself with a broken ankle before the starting of the match.

Meanwhile, the English players continued with their aggressive football and Eric Brook scored a Harrick within the first 45 minutes of the match.

The forward would have scored a fourth had the Italian goal keeper not saved a penalty in the first minute.

The Italian Team Fought Back!

The Italians started the second half with more resolve and Giuseppe Meazza helped the Italian to come back in the game by scoring back to back goals.

He could have easily scored his third had it not been for the bar post. It was one of those games where injury outnumbered the number of goals scored. With emotions running high, players such as Ray Bowden, Ceresoli, Eddie Hapgood, Drake found themselves dealing with way too many frictions for their liking.

However, Italy found themselves on the losing side with a 3-2 result in England’s favour.

The 1948 Fiasco…

Italy was the reigning champion, but England declared themselves as the undisputed champion. Hence, there was yet another match between the two great rivals.

This time England won more convincingly with a score of 4-0. This has to be kept in mind that this English team was one of the best ever in terms of skill and goal scoring ability.

The Scenario Now

The English team is anything, but a formidable force these days. In the last 37 years, England has hardly managed anything against their rivals.

Excluding two friendly wins in 1997 and 2012, there is practically nothing to show!

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