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Everton Manager, Roberto Martinez has Great Expectations from his Team!

Roberto Martinez, the manager of football club Everton, agreed that the previous season was disappointing for the club. It was more than clear that the club’s performance was suffering because of the last campaign. They were adjudged fifth during their debut season on Merseyside. Their performance was appreciated by many, but soon after, they were driven to the 11th position on the table after their return to Dynamo Kiev.

Martinez has a lot of things to say about his club’s performance. In the past, their future course of action and his action plan for the next season.

Martinez’s Opinion about Playing in the Europa League

When asked this question, Martinez answers with much conviction that being part of the Europa League does have an impact on the game. He also announced on 14 July that his team will be participating in the Premier League Asia Trophy.

His Opinion about the Opening Game against Stoke City

He believes that if you have been playing in the same season over and over again, then you form similar habits. He says that your mentality changes and you enter in a state wherein you have the capability of coping with the situation in a better way.

On the Erratic Schedule of a Football Club

Martinez believes that it is extremely tough psychologically. He gives an example of going to Russia, and then again arriving on the same day to play a game with Manchester United. Then take some rest and be ready for another game.

But he also believes that his team has matured over time and has gotten better. His aim is to improve his team. He wants to play in Europe, but admits that it is becoming difficult every year. The reason he states is the number of teams wanting to participate. Apparently, there are five already and another three or four will enter, making it extremely hard for the club.

On signing of Romelu Lukaku, the Belgian striker for which the Club paid £28 million

The manager says that it is important to make the team stronger by adding significant players to the club. These players will come at a price, and hence, Lukaku’s entry was important to the club.

He admits to having a strong team of young players who are energetic and full of zeal. He believes that his team is the balance of everything. He is a stern believer of proving himself on the field rather than talking about it. The manager wants to train all of them and make sure he fulfils his aim.

The captain of the club Phil Jagielka is of the same view. He says that we have spent a lot of money in getting a striker on board and the team has now become completely balanced. He further, goes on to say that we would love to win the Champions League this time, and that will make the players and the manager very elated. He believes that his team is very talented, but could not get the right direction last year.

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