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Experts Believe that Raheem Sterling Needs to Stay in Liverpool

The Liverpool Echo has reported that John Aldridge, the Liverpool legend has advised Raheem Sterling to show some wisdom and understand why Anfield is an apt and most suited destination for him as a player in the current scenario.

The Controversy Over the Contract

The famous Liverpool winger seems to be stalling signing the contract at Anfield as he is hesitant to commit to the lucrative terms that are offered currently to the player. As per reports, the player is offered £100,000 on a per-week basis.

Sterling has not yet confirmed his place in the Reds and it leads to the suggestion that he may be getting some large offer from another team.

However, in a column in the Liverpool Echo, Aldridge has urged him to see sense and remain at Liverpool. The Sky Sports Panel has also mentioned that Raheem must not think about Manchester City just yet, and keep his feet firmly in Liverpool.

Expert Opinion

The past striker hopes that Raheem acts wisely over this current contract situation with Liverpool and some sensible person talks to his agent as he is certainly not helping the kid at the moment.

He also mentioned that this contract situation is causing trouble in the game of the player as he played his last game as if there was the burden of the entire world on his shoulders alone, and this is definitely not a good sign for a player!

Those who are close to him must explain the situation to the kid that currently the ideal ground for him is in Liverpool since the club has helped him grow really well in the last four to five years.

It is because of Liverpool that he has developed into the player that he is today. It is important for Sterling as well as his agent to understand this fact and quickly act on it before it is too late.

Harry Redknapp also advised Raheem to close the deal at Anfield so that he can improvise his game before he leaps for rewards.

The Reds manager, Brendan Rodgers confirmed that Sterling is not going to make his choice about the deal before summer.

Raheem’s agent has made this clear that there will be no decision until this season gets over, but the manager strongly believes that Liverpool is the ideal club for the player’s development.

Redknapp focuses on how Raheem is fortunate to be associated with the Liverpool Club and that he need to stick with the team for some more time.

Success of Sterling

Raheem is 20, an international player for England and a regular country and club footballer. He has established his reputation for being an exceptional striking winger since the last two seasons.

He has also been the leading man for the campaign of the Reds. He scored six goals and created a total of 62 chances during the Premier League, which made him the most productive and inspired force in Liverpool’s final third of the season. This is why, they are anxious to have him on board for the long-term.

All seasoned players and experts have mentioned that Sterling must not run behind money, but focus on improving his game at the moment. Once he does his job well, the results will surely be in his favour!

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