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Jamie Vardy defends Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli’s middle finger salute

Jamie Vardy has defended Dele Alli’s middle finger gesture to Kyle Walker in England’s recent 2-1 victory against Slovakia.

Dele Alli has come under scrutiny recently after the cameras caught him showing the middle finger salute towards teammate Kyle Walker during England’s World Cup Qualifier clash against Slovakia earlie in the week.

Initial footages showed Alli pointing his middle finger to someone and many speculated that it was directed towards the referee, Clement Turpin.

However, Alli denied the claims and stated that it was intended to his team-mate Kyle Walker, which was later confirmed when viewed from other camera angles.

Nonetheless, such obscene gestures are not acceptable on the football pitch and pundits as well as fans alike have wasted no time whatsoever in slamming the 21-year-old.

While many have criticized Alli’s act, England forward Jamie Vardy has come forward to defend the Tottenham midfielder saying that the incident was just banter between friends and these sorts of things should be allowed to make the sport more fun for the players.

It had been rumored that FIFA are going to take actions against Alli but Vardy believes that any punishment for the young will be very harsh.

Vardy said, “The middle finger? Come on, it’s harmless. It’s just something that has been blown out of proportion. He was doing it to Walks. It’s just harmless banter and has been blown way out of proportion. They’re always having a laugh and a giggle. That’s just how they are.

“They were team-mates for a few years. They’re going to like to mess around, especially now that Walks has moved on himself. It would definitely be harsh (if FIFA acted). If he is getting reprimanded for that, then we might as well take emotion and enjoyment out of the game.

“Everyone has got to have a bit of banter, otherwise I don’t think you would get through the day of being a footballer.”

Alli and Walker played for Tottenham as team-mates before the right-back decided to leave the North London club to join Manchester City earlier this season for around £50 million and the duo are believe to have a strong relationship with each other.

While inappropriate, the incident has been indeed blown out of proportion, and it looks unlikely that FIFA will take any action against the England international.

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