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Robin van Persie Leaves Manchester United and Joins Fenerbahce

Dutch football player, Robin van Persie has now been accepted in to the Fenerbahce Football Club. The player earlier played for Manchester United. His announcement to move on came at the signing ceremony. The striker confirmed the move in front of hundreds of fans in Istanbul during the weekend. He was cheered by the crowd at the Sukru Saracoglu stadium.

The 31-year-old footballer says that he is quite humbled and touched to witness all his fans and well-wishers who specially came here to greet him. He also appreciated the fact that they wanted him to be part of their club. He further goes on to say that he would give in his best and try and win as many trophies as possible for his team. He adds that he would do this to make his fans happy, and also because he was over-whelmed with the kind of response he received at the stadium. He then went on to say that if Fenerbahce won many trophies, they will all party, and celebrate the occasion to the fullest. He hopes to share the victory with his well-wishers and asked the crowd to join him in this venture.

By the end of the speech, the 31-year-old footballer said that somewhere, deep-down he knew that he has to leave the club. The decision of moving on was not quite a surprise for him, as he saw the situation coming. He clearly stated that he didn’t want to make a big issue out of it. He ended his speech by making it clear that he does not have any hard feelings for anyone.

Van Persie scored 58 goals over a period of three years when he played for Old Trafford. One of the 58 goals that he scored, 30 came from his maiden campaign during 2012-13. He is also credited with taking Manchester United to the 20th top-flight title when Sir Alex Ferguson was still on board.

The Dutch player is also the leading marksmen in the Premier League for several back-to-back seasons. But gradually, his prominence in the club started fading away. It was during the time when David Moyes was the manager that his importance was steadily diminishing. Also during the time of the Holland manager, Louis van Gaal, he suffered from a string of injuries that kept him out of the limelight. Even during his speech at the Sukru Saracoglu stadium, he thanked his former team and its players, and also the vice-chairman, Ed Woodward. He also mentioned Ferguson for his support. But, he did not thank his former manager, Van Gaal.

The player’s exit has left the Holland manager, Van Gaal out of the picture. Gaal now has Wayne Rooney, James Wilson and Javier Hernandez in the squad. Unfortunately, Hernandez is recovering from a broken collarbone and is still recuperating. He will not be a part of the US pre-season squad as well.

Van Persie is also excited to play with his former team player Nani. The latter also joined the club earlier this year.

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