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The Incredible Fight of the Fallen-Manchester United & Liverpool!

It has been a very forgetful season for the two giants of the English Premier League- Manchester United and Liverpool. Just when Barcelona and Real Madrid prepare to fight for the top spot in La Liga this Sunday, Manchester United and Liverpool are all set for their 192nd clash for the fourth spot in EPL.

Compare this, to the same scenario, seven years back when Liverpool was fighting to meet United in the Champions Trophy in Moscow. Now, however, it is about finishing fourth! The mighty have fallen indeed.

Bill Shankly, the Liverpool manager famous for his comment, “First is first, second is nowhere!”, would not have imagined the sorry state of his club after his departure.

That being said, this could be one of the thrilling encounters in the league before the finals considering the stakes involved. A win will give one of the teams a ticket to the Champions Trophy. Although the current health of both the teams doesn’t look that good, an entry inn to the biggest tournament on the planet will surely improve the morale of their players.

The Nou Camp, El Clasico will surely live up to the hype before the match has actually begun. It is going to be the clash of the titans- a fight between the Leaders and the European Champions!

The top stars of both the clubs will surely try to make their presence felt. Notably, United has not even been able to make it to the Champions Trophy this year.

History dictates that a match against Liverpool and United is one of the biggest that English football presents to its audience. Whether it’s the support staff or the players, emotions run high in this kind of a fixture.

But a clash for the fourth position can hardly be regarded as an important match for both the stalwarts of the EPL.

They are the two clubs, which have been rivals since a very long time, and have the highest number of league titles shared between them.

Despite Chelsea’s firm grip on the league table and City’s recently found success, very few fixtures remotely challenge the United-Liverpool hegemony.

In fact, the two cities are not only rivals on the pitch, but also fiercely compete with each other in politics and culture as well.

If we look across the globe, there are very few fixtures, which are as exciting as this one. El Clasico for example has its two dominant teams who incidentally have been the two most successful teams so far.

The Rangers vs. the Celtic in Scotland is regarded as the biggest match in the country. Similarly, Feyenoord vs. the Ajax in Dutch Football, Inter Milan vs. Juventus and River Plate vs. the Boca Juniors are considered to be the biggest derbies in the world.

However, the bitterness of United and Liverpool are at an entirely different level. While United fans have cherished their team’s success under Sir Alex, Liverpool, too have had their share of continuous success in the past.

The two teams, for sure, will look back as to where they were and where have they come!

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