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An Overview of Hulk Slot

Hulk Slot

Are you a fan of those Marvel heroes? Along with the wonderful heroes, the Iron Man, the hulk slot is one of the Marvel Slots that has emerged. Recently, the game has doubled in size and you will be able to play the one of the best slot game version having 50 lines. It will be more fun, more chance of winning and all enhanced animations.

Hulk Slot

The Hulk slot has returned better and bigger than it is before. The following will guide you on how to play the game through learning the button functions:

  • CLICK TO CHANGE button:By clicking this one you can now choose the wagering value or simply the coin value. You can find this button on the lower left hand place of your screen.
  • Bet per Line: This button enables you to choose line bets. Every click would mean adding coins to the bet line. When you already reach the maximum amount (10 coins of your selected coin value), you will repeat clicking the button again to reset the line bet to a single coin.
  • Lines: Click this to choose paylines. Your every click activates additional pay lines in stages of five (5) multiples. You will start with 1(1, 5, 10, and 15,20,25,30, up to 50.) You you activated all the paylines, repeat clicking to reset I to a single active payline. BET MAX button activates wholly the paylines having the maximum bet each line.
  • Spin:This button will allow you to spin the reels. You will spin with the recent selection lines and bets of lines. Throughout the process of reel spinning, the SPIN button will change into STOP. When you click the stop, will end the animation spin and will instantly shows the spin result.
  • Auto Start Function:Reel can also be turned by this function. The Auto Start button will change into STOP in the process of Auto Start Mode of spinning reel.
  • – or + button:These are located above the Auto Start. To enable the consecutive number of spins, they must be selected.
  • Your wins will be calculated depending upon your paytables. These are the formula:

LN=LB x CM, where LN is the Line win, LB is the Line Bet and CM represents the corresponding multiplier depending on the pay tables.

SW=TB x CM (where SW is the Scatter Win, TB is the Total Bet and CM is the corresponding multiplier)

  • The combination of the single highest winning payline will pay while the simultaneous winnings on varied paylines will be added together on a given payline.
  • When you win a spin, the WIN ground will show your additional winnings. If you are bothered by the win ticker, you can stop it through clicking anywhere on your screen.
  • The total of your winnings and the payline will be showed on the strip located at the bottom of your game window.

The Hulk Slot is another favoured Marvel slot game. Its improvement will bring its followers a great fun. Through its enhancement such as in animation, this game will certainly gain its amazing popularity.








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