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Now that the American football season is underway, I’ve been looking for online casinos/sports books, because, as a red-blooded American male, I’m required by federal law to obsess over the lines and even, occasionally, win a bet. I’ve been drawn to the English sites and have found some interesting ones. Unfortunately, the only negative is that they don’t seem to offer membership to us Yanks. If I had a residence in almost any other country, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, it appears it wouldn’t be a problem! Apart from that, the site I’m reviewing here, Bet365 looks great.

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The first page is elegant in that it’s simple and easy to understand without a lot of distracting graphics. All business, in other words. There’s separate areas to click on for sports, casino, games, poker and bingo (pretty unique in my journeys), each one offering its own bonus (either a percentage or flat dollar amount) for new customers. One joins by clicking on “bank”, which took me a few seconds to figure out, basically using process of elimination. Bet365, to its credit, accepts almost every kind of card or payment method you can imagine, and a few I’ve never even heard of! Another plus, which I’ve found unique to U.K. sports books, is that when it comes to withdrawals, the money is credited back, in only a few days, to the card you used to open your account. I wish the sites I used here in America did that. Those sites take weeks and charge you for the privilege.

There are affiliates which pay you a fee for referring people to the site. There’s a link for “gambling news”, which is great since you don’t have to leave the site to get information. They also provide you the ability to follow them on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, and a mobile device app. There’s live feeds so you can watch games, races and get scores live. But for the serious gambler, these are side attractions. So, without further delay, let’s get to the gaming.

Being a U.K. site, the emphasis, not surprisingly, when it comes to sports, is on soccer. And even though I know very little about it, I was blown away by the awesome number of games/leagues offered. Not to mention the overwhelming number of sports (tennis, hockey, cricket and on and on) to choose from. To list them all here would quickly put me over my word count limit! Suffice to say if there’s a sporting event happening somewhere, anywhere in the world taking place on which you want some action, this is the site for you!!

As for poker, there’s lots of tables, levels and tournaments to get in on. Unfortunately I couldn’t find “play for fun/free” access, which is often helpful if you want to get a feel for a table first or just to warm up. I’m not saying it’s not there, but because I couldn’t open an account I couldn’t get far enough through the process to be sure. The casino has free software to play, but again, I needed an account to actually play. No kicking the tires first here, either, in other words.

The casino offers all the standard fare and lots of it to pick from: blackjack, slots, keno and table games. And for you who like that old-timey feel, they do have Bingo. How about that for unique?!

So, even though I don’t have any first hand experience actually gambling through this site, from everything I’ve seen it looks like a sports book and casino I’d be glad to use.

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