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Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho Says the Club Spends Quite a Bit!

Jose Mourinho is the manager of the football club Chelsea and believes that the club spends a lot on their players. He commented recently that people who think otherwise should get a calculator. He has also accused the Premier League of buying the title. Mourinho firmly declares that Chelsea should be considered as one of the big spenders.

Chelsea has Bosnian professional footballer Asmir Begovic and Columbian striker Radamel Falcao on loan to join their team. The Portuguese manager did not go into details regarding the financials. He aggressively defended the recruiting policy and maintained the stance that the club spends quite a deal on retaining and getting players that will help the club.

The club is going to play against Barcelona in Washington DC on Tuesday. He recently commented that if someone pays attention to the amount spent on the team in the last couple of years, then they will be very surprised. He further goes on to explain that by adding the amounts paid to Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Chambers and Debuchy, you will be surprised to see the result.

He also appreciates his team by saying that it is a fantastic squad with a great goalkeeper. He also states that they are ready to take on any challenges. If anybody doubts this, then they can take out a calculator, which will leave no doubt about the calculations. He also calls himself an objective, honest and a pragmatic manager.

He has also called on Eden Hazard who earned the title of the Player of the Year to play for the Premier League season. He cost Chelsea a whopping £35 million. Mourinho always protected the interests of the Belgian and supported him. Hazard has revealed that on multiple occasions he has been fouled. In the year of 2014-15, it is astonishing to know that he got 113 free kicks on account of being fouled.

The manager says that he considers Eden to be very lucky and appreciated him on his playing tactics. He believes that the player is becoming stronger with the coming games. The manager further comments that he is not only getting better at his game, but also in his attitude, which is very important. It is also well-known that Eden is not aggressive and does not over-react. This is a quality that the manager favours.

He believes that luck strongly favoured him in the last season. It will be the coming games that will decide his fate. He could have also got himself injured and been off the game for some time, but that did not happen. The manager was elated that he did not break his legs or ankles.

He further goes on to say that if he could, he would want to arrange more protection for the player. Though he has no intentions for him to change his personality and mentality, he thinks that he will learn these nuances with time. The manager wants the player to be himself and not to get swayed by what other people are talking or thinking.

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