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Stadium at Anfield Road to be Completed Before the Season Next Year!

A host of images were released on 15 July demonstrating the development that has taken place at the stadium at Anfield, Liverpool. The stadium’s construction is under way and it is on its way towards completion soon. The club was a bit confused about choosing where to build the stadium. Their first choice was the Stanley Park, which is nearby. But instead of opting for that option, they chose to re-construct the Main Road stand that is almost 131 years old.

The re-development will eventually be able to house 54,000 people giving the stadium the distinction of being the fourth biggest while hosting the matches of the Premier League. The work is slated to be completed by the beginning of the season next year. The development is a sub part of a £260 million scheme.

The new photographs display a magnificent, almost giant, roof truss that will eventually be lifted to position. It will be put into position by two cranes; both of them are the biggest in Europe. The walkways that are placed on the sides will help take the audience to the top seats. They are also being built in full-swing and can be seen jutting out from the stadium prominently.

The additional stands that have been added to the stadium will provide for at least 8,500 seats. It is said that half of these seats will go to the corporate market. This move by the club was criticised by many, but finds support in the leaders of the club. They claim that these seats might provide around £20 million in revenue, almost every season.

The construction for the stadium began at the beginning of the year. Since then, the development has been fast and steady. The stadium will start operating in less than a year. It is slated to be completed before the start of the 2016-17 season.

First, the construction on the Main Stand will get completed, after that the club will shift its focus to the Anfield Road. It aims to expand the Anfield Road region so that the capacity of the stadium reaches around 60,000. This move will make the stadium one of the most highly-sought after venues for hosting a football match.

Also, it will give the distinction of making the stadium one of the biggest in the adjoining areas. When the work will be completed and the stadium is ready, it will be the fourth biggest stadium in the Premier League.

The Old Trafford situated in Greater Manchester can house almost 75,000 people. It is the home of the club, Manchester United, and has been their home ground since 1910. The stadium underwent several expansions during the 90s, and it was converted into a full-fledged arena for football matches.

The second largest one is the Emirates that can house a capacity of around 60,000 and is situated in Holloway, London. The Etihad or the City of Manchester is the third biggest stadium that allows a capacity of about 55,000 people.

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