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This American Football Player is All Set to Make a Comeback and Resume His Football Career! Were You Aware About It?

With teams trying to spruce up to the challenges of the new season, unusual interest has centred on Montreal Alouettes at the start of NFL this year.

One of the latest recruits of Montreal Alouettes, Michael Sam, by leaving his team within a fortnight of signing the contract citing personal reasons has ended up being the prime subject of discussion in various forums.

The Tripping at the First Step

Loss of Montreal Alouettes in their opening game against Ottawa has forced the management of the team to look for all their resources to ensure that there are no further slips in their future matches.

Michael Sam, who is ranked as an outstanding player to exhibit skill as a ‘pass rusher’, is thus, seen as an option to be used to the optimum by the team management.

Reports emanating from the team indicate that Michael Sam is set for commencing his practice with the team at the very earliest and that he could be featured in the first eleven of Montreal’s next match.

The Personal Issues Plaguing Michael Sam

With lots happening on the personal front in over a year’s time, it is laudable that Sam has the mental strength to be back in the field of play.

Earning the spurs as the Defensive Player of the Year in 2013, Sam surprised everyone by admitting to be gay.

Incidentally, Sam happens to be the very first NFL footballer to announce his status as gay!

2014 saw him in two teams-first with St Louis Rams and then with Dallas Cowboys, before ending on the sidelines.

Jim Popp of Montreal Alouettes seeing Sam’s potential recruited him for the team, which gave Sam a new lease of life.

The Merciless Prying

When Sam admitted his LGBT status, it raised many eyebrows. But it also showed his mental strength.

Unfortunately, the repeated mention of Sam’s preference made it difficult for him to practice and play in a normal fashion.

Hence, Sam decided to leave the team midway after informing Popp. Jim Popp has in turn, been hounded wherever he went by reporters seeking info regarding reasons for Sam’s quitting.

Montreal Alouettes’ Vice President, Popp had patiently been informing that Sam would return after he sets right a few personal issues that he has to attend to.

The Constant Support of the Team

In the midst of all the drama being enacted on the sidelines, Montreal lost its first match of the season.

Now the team sources admit that Sam is back in town and that it is only a matter of time before he starts practicing with the team.

To show their solidarity with the beleaguered Sam, a team mate of Montreal Alouettes had gone back to accompany Sam to the town.

Popp has also given enough indication of Michael Sam returning to the field at the very earliest to strengthen their campaign.

With all round support emerging for Sam, it is believed that Sam can and will emerge as a much stronger character and player!

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