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Chuck Badnarik Dies at the Age of 89

Bednarik, the Philadelphia Eagles legend passed away shocking millions of fans across the country. He was one of the outstanding players of his generation and is considered to be one of the best two-way NFL players.

He played a record 14 seasons with the Eagles from 1949 to 1960. The famous 1960 NFL Championship against the Green Bay Packers saw Chuck delivering a spectacular performance playing both at the centre and line back.

He got his entry into the Hall of Fame in the year 1967. The club tweeted calling him, ‘Forever an Eagle’.

Russell Wilson in Line for Payday

Russell Wilson, quarterback, Seattle Seahawks has a lot of reason to rejoice. After a dismal $700,000 payday last year, he is looking forward to a massive contract from the same Club.

The player, who appeared twice, in the Super Bowl, has surely made his presence felt to the authorities. He is under the rookie deal that was made three years back.

If rumours are to be believed, Wilson may end up signing a whopping contract worth $20 million. Although the deal would give the player financial security, but overall money may still be less.

Rex Ryan wants to Run it 50 Times on the Ground

Rex Ryan, coach, New Buffalo Bills, is of the opinion that his team would run 50 times next season in order to have a shot at the title.

The coach knows that his best chance of winning on the ground is either with EJ Manuel or Matt Cassel at quarter back.

The Club traded Cassel and McCoy with Jerome Felton, Charles Clay and Percy Harvin. The Club has a deep back depth with Bryce Brown, Fred Jackson, Anthony Dixon and McCoy.

James Harrison wants his Fans to Decide!

James Harrison, the linebacker is seeking help from fans in the social media about choosing his club. He is weighing options regarding resigning his present club, Pittsburgh Steelers and joining a new club altogether, Tennessee Titans.

This will give the star an opportunity to join his former coach, Dick LeBeau.

McCoy remarks Chip Kelly’s move a Panic Attack!

Count LeSean McCoy is many among those who are confused by the move of Chip Kelly, coach, Philadelphia Eagles. This was announced last week.

The coach traded McCoy with the Buffalos. He then went on to sign two running backs after he was spurned by Frank Gore. McCoy remarked that the move came across to him as a panic one.

A Brand New Stadium for San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders

A stadium worth $1.7 billion may well be under its way after a petition was being filed to take the motion to public vote. The new stadium will serve as the home ground for Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers.

The supporters of both the clubs accumulated more than twice the number of signatures than required. The two clubs teamed up to make the stadium in early February.

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